Curio Publishes Results of MamaLift Plus Human Factors Trial 

Curio has shown that its prescription digital therapeutic product for postpartum depression is acceptable, feasible, and usable. 

PRINCETON, Nov. 28, 2022—Curio Digital Therapeutics (Curio), the creator of MamaLift, announced today that the publication of their first US-based study on MamaLift Plus. MamaLift Plus, an enhanced version of their earlier product, MamaLift, provides neurobehavioral interventions and is in development for patients with diagnosed perinatal mood disorder to improve their symptoms of depression and anxiety when prescribed by a healthcare provider and used along with standard care. The MamaLift Plus mobile application offers the added benefit of modules that are focused on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT), while still delivering the convenience and flexibility that customers and patients expect from Curio’s behavioral health products.

Highlights of the MamaLift Plus Human Factors Trial include:

  • 92% of participants were satisfied with the help they received on this app
  • The average Systems Usability Scale (SUS) score was 72.5
  • 77% of participants found the trackers in MamaLift Plus to be helpful
  • The average number of days spent completing all 14 psychotherapeutic lessons was 19 days

“The strong acceptability and usability data from this study underscore the need and utility of a device like MamaLift Plus,” said Shailja Dixit, MD, MPH, CEO of Curio Digital Therapeutics. “One in three women who had a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced symptoms of postpartum depression. It’s more important than ever to leverage personalized, evidence-based, digitally accessible tools to address these conditions.”

You can read the full study here:

About Curio Digital Therapeutics, Inc.

Curio Digital Therapeutics, Inc. is a pioneer in developing digital therapeutics solutions and interventions across the behavioral health continuum for women throughout the cycle of life. Curio aims to create a world where every woman can access a behavioral health solution at her fingertips. Curio is reshaping maternal mental health care by leveraging proprietary algorithms, clinically validated screening tools, and personalized digital behavioral interventions to facilitate timely identification and care. Curio’s first product, MamaLift, is available under the FDA General Wellness Policy for Low-Risk Devices and is intended for use by women, as part of a healthy lifestyle, to help reduce their risk of depression or anxiety during pregnancy or following delivery. Curio’s second product, MamaLift Plus, is intended for use by women, as an adjunct to care, to treat postpartum depression. MamaLift Plus is being commercialized under Emergency Use Authorization. For more information, visit Curio at

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Media and Investors:

Erin Russell, MBA

Senior Vice President of Product Development


1. Tang, Jian Jenny et al. “Consumer acceptance of using a digital technology to manage postpartum depression.” Frontiers in global women’s health vol. 3 844172. 25 Aug. 2022, doi:10.3389/fgwh.2022.844172

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