Deloitte’s Report on Women’s Health 

Deloitte’s Report on Women’s Health 

Deloitte Consulting recently published its third report on the status of women’s global health. They interviewed 5,000 women across ten different countries. While the report showed that some progress has been made, the results suggest that a lot more work has to be done. Among the findings were: 

  1. Mental health as a diagnosis is still seen as a liability. Only 37% of women interviewed categorize their overall mental health as being “good.” And only 40% of women feel they get adequate mental health support at work. 
  1. Stigma is still a significant issue. Fewer women feel comfortable discussing or disclosing their mental health at work. Only 25% of women feel comfortable discussing mental health among their peers or managers in their workplace.  
  1. Ethnic minorities struggle even more than their non-ethnic minorities peers. 33% of these women feel burned out at work. Additionally, only 20% feel comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace and only 20% feel comfortable citing mental health as the reason for their absence from work. 

The challenges existing in women’s mental health represent a huge unmet need and a vital opportunity. Curio Digital Therapeutics’ mobile application program is intended to be used by women, as part of a healthy lifestyle, to help reduce their risk of depression and anxiety during pregnancy or after delivery. It features clinically validated screenings, neurobehavioral interventions, and elements of gamification. These digital elements are augmented by the Curio Care Network, which facilitates live health coaching and escalates patients to therapists as needed.  

Curio’s digital forward platform has been proven to help “destigmatize” mental health and can help change the trajectory of women’s behavioral health outcomes across their lifestyle. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we both can contribute to improving how mental health is discussed and delivered to meaningfully change the attitudes and engagement with this important population. 

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