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Patients going through fertility treatments require additional care. With FertiLift, we aim to provide reproductive behavioral health support through trying times and seamless connectivity with fertility clinics.


About the App

FertiLift is a digital behavioral intervention with Class 1 designation by the FDA that is delivered through app technology in partnership with your clinic as an extension of your care. This product is one of several reproductive behavioral health products that are developed and maintained on the Curio digital platform with A+ cybersecurity, enabling pain-free end-to-end integration.  ​

There are many DTC apps that have common features such as evidence-based Content Libraries, offer a Community Support platform, Medication and Scheduling Management, offer wellness Trackers, provide an educational journey, etc.  

While some of these may have similar ingredients…

…FertiLift is unique and the first product of its kind to deliver evidence based psychological interventions such as CBT* that is guided by your patient’s symptoms and is only available through Fertility Clinics to support the patient’s continuity of care and increase your clinic – patient connectivity without increasing burden on staff .


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