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Using AI to predict health problems before they're problems

Ai-driven predictive algorithm enables Curio to bend the curve, at scale.

Curio’s AI-driven predictive algorithm, Curio-I, identifies and risk stratifies women who would go on to develop common behavioral health conditions. Early identification is key for bending the curve for millions of women, diverting them from developing common behavioral health conditions. Moreover, limited therapist resources can be directed to those with the highest need. This patent-pending technology represents a breakthrough in risk identification.

A Closer Look

  • Curio employs Curio-i, our proprietary advanced data analytics platform, to precisely identify at risk women

  • Curio-i Propriety predictive algorithm: 

  • Identifies 88% women by beginning of their 3rd trimester who will end up having post-partum depression 

  • Identifies 64% of women who are pregnant are at risk of PPD

  • Provide reporting dashboards and metrics to ensure patients can be adequately monitored

  • Platform offers scalable solutions for a range of disease states

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