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Uplifting you on your pregnancy and/or motherhood journey through a behavioral health support system rooted in evidence-based interventions and timely care.

MamaLift provides new and expecting mothers with self-help tools and trackers, which as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help reduce the risk of depression and anxiety during pregnancy and following delivery.

How does it work?

Our Plan of Action

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One of the cornerstone interventions in the BellaLift app, MamaLift provides new & expecting mothers with behavioral support during pregnancy and postpartum. Whether currently pregnant or recently delivered, MamaLift Pregnancy and Motherhood deliver customized behavioral support to women in a flexible, stigma-free environment. MamaLift offers digitized neurobehavioral interventions intended to reduce risk of depression or anxiety. In addition, MamaLift offers daily trackers and connectivity with health coaches or therapists as needed.  These evidence-based neurobehavioral interventions are delivered in a gamified format and include nudge architecture to drive engagement and generate outcomes that matter.

Digital Connectivity to Real World Help

Digital-first approach supported by health coaches to facilitate wellness planning, access to treatment, and remote therapeutic monitoring.

Digitized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Personalized self-help tools, interactive exercises, Cognitive Behavioral simulation experiences, trackers for sleep, mood, activity, and health vitals.


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Immediate access to a maternal mental health coach

Access audios, audios, animations, videos, augmented reality exercises, and relevant daily learnings your perinatal journey qualified wellness coach for a human touch 

Learn through interactive exercises and personalized feedback 

Understand your sleep patterns,moods, and activities by tracking them 

Get the lowdown on a range oftopics — parenthood, depression,anxiety, social support, and relationship quality

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Six simple steps to better health

Step 1

Download the BellaLift app

Step 2

Talk to your virtual navigator chatbot to get personalized care. You will be recommended to join either MamaLift Pregnancy or MamaLift Motherhood, 

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Step 3

Explore the Daily Learning section for knowledge and insights specific to where you are in your journey

Step 4

Access sleep, activity, mood, and health vital trackers to monitor your physical and emotional health

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Step 5

Receive personalized support from trained health coaches and therapists

Step 6

Earn points for your participation that can be redeemed for gifts, helping to keep motivation high

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