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  • Digital healthcare platform for women’s mental well-being

  • On-demand, self-paced therapeutic lessons

  • Evidence-based & developed by experts

  • Uncover trends & gain actionable insights: mood, activity, sleep, & health vitals tracking

  • Featuring live health coaches & therapists

The BellaLift Platform: FertiLift, MamaLift, and MenoLift

How does it work?

For all women. Anywhere. Anytime.

With features to track your exercise and mood, daily learning, and access to health coaches and therapists, BellaLift supports your health and well-being. 

BellaLift Includes Programs for...
  • General Wellness
  • Fertility & Reproductive Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Post-Delivery (Motherhood)
  • & More!
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Improved access to behavioral health: BellaLift ensures essential behavioral health is accessible anytime, anywhere

Digitized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: self-paced daily lessons crafted by real therapists

Gamification and augmented reality: Variety and interactivity keep the program fresh each day

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Chatbot at your service - friendly assistant for navigation and decision support 

Health Coach on call - a qualified wellness coach for a human touch 

Connectivity to Curated Care Network - Get connected to real doctors when you need specialized care 

Webinars for pregnancy, postpartum, fertility & other general wellness aspects 

Digital platform offering clinically validated content 

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Find the right program for you with our intuitive chatbot!

All programs can be found in one place! The BellaLift app contains not only resources and trackers for all women, but stage specific programs.

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MamaLift is a digital-forward neurobehavioral intervention intended to help women reduce their risk of anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after delivery. 

An eight week long intervention, MamaLift provides bite-sized daily lessons based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IPT). MamaLift couples this with trackers for sleep, mood, activities, and health vitals. Coaches and therapists are available as needed.

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FertiLift is a digital-forward neurobehavioral intervention to support women’s well-being while going through a journey of trying to conceive.

A dynamic program, FertiLift provides bite-sized lessons based on CBT, IPT, and more. FertiLift couples this with trackers for sleep, mood, activities, and health vitals. Coaches and therapists are available as needed.

Six simple steps to better health

Step 1

Download the BellaLift app

Step 2

Talk to your virtual navigator chatbot to get personalized care. You will be recommended to join either FertiLift, MamaLift Pregnancy, MamaLift Motherhood, or Menopause

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Step 3

Explore the Daily Learning section for knowledge and insights specific to where you are in your journey

Step 4

Access sleep, activity, mood, and health vital trackers to monitor your physical and emotional health

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Step 5

Receive personalized support from trained health coaches and therapists

Step 6

Earn points to keep motivation high, and redeem them for gifts

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Research and data-driven solutions for women

Backed by science, our programs are created by clinical experts and validated through clinical trials.

Learn more about our published studies and the science that goes into developing our products.

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