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A woman’s physiology undergoes many complex changes across each life stage. Puberty, childbirth, menopause, and such unique life journeys can take a toll on both a woman’s mental and physical well-being. It is then imperative to address this well-being in a balanced way, working intricately to heal both the mind and body in an integrated manner.

Hormonal changes, compounded by physiological variations, can result in common mental health disorders, such as depression or anxiety. And this is more common than you think — 1 in 5 women face mental health issues.

CurioTM is committed to providing contextualized care for women of all ages and physiological conditions. Our digital-first behavioral health solutions, augmented by health coaches and therapists, are backed by years of working with expert clinical psychologists, extensive research, and successful clinical trials. These solutions are digitally accessible to women, anytime, anywhere — bringing care to the fingertips of those who seek it.

Why choose CurioTM?

At CurioTM, we believe that the mind-body relationship plays a profound role in a woman’s health. We connect the dots between mental and physical well-being with our comprehensive solutions. Our programs are based on evidence and clinically validated trials to carefully manage behavioral and physiological conditions.

Facilitating digital wellness through self-guided programs, health coaches, connectivity with providers, and timely behavioral health support, CurioTM intelligently and empathetically guides each user to the care needed, at the right time. On-demand, life cycle specific help has never been simpler.

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women brought below the threshold for postpartum depression with improved symptoms


clinical studies completed and published


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Responsive solutions for your unique biology

At CurioTM, we ensure everything we do is backed by science. Our programs are created by expert clinical psychologists and validated through clinical trials.

Learn more about our published studies and the science that goes into developing our products.

Solutions, built with empathy

We have curated an extensive range of programs to provide behavioral health support for women across the reproductive journey — from fertility to pregnancy and postpartum.

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Comprehensive solutions for the mind and body — just a tap away!