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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Empowering Women.
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CurioTM is a Digital Therapeutics company with tailor-made Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs for Women across the cycle of life – encompassing age groups, physiological conditions and social settings. We believe a woman’s wellbeing has a lasting impact not just on the child but also on the family and society at large. The traditional one-size-fits-all approach to women’s healthcare is often inadequate and ineffective without accounting for the various factors that shape the diagnosis and care. CurioTM recognizes that the Mind-Body relationship plays a profound role in women’s health and offers a Holistic approach for women’s health by designing intervention that address behavioral management and physiological conditions.

What is a Digital

Digital Therapeutics are mobile software applications that deliver evidence-based interventions to treat a given disease or condition.

These interventions are the outcomes of robust research, peer-reviewed publications, and rigorous trials.

We combine customized interventions, cutting-edge analysis, and mobile technology to deliver effective holistic interventions.

What is a Digital <br/> Therapeutic?

Why CurioTM now?

why curio 1

The mind body connection is profound in women with demonstrated causal effects as they go through physiological changes

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1 in 5 women suffer from a common health disorder that impacts their family & social lives with younger women at greater risk

why curio 3

Traditional healthcare for women takes a one-size-fit-all approach that is inadequate in addressing all the factor that affect their wellbeing

CurioTM adopts a holistic approach to women’s healthcare and designs customized interventions by addressing behavioral management and physiological conditions

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Our Products

Our flagship product focuses on postpartum depression

Product 1

Women undergo many health changes as they go through the different stages of the cycle of life.

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