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generational women

The ideal mental health and well-being care for all women, anywhere, anytime 


​Digital behavioral health solutions across the life cycle of women

Empathy intertwined with technology 

  • 1 in 5 women suffer from mental health disorders due to hormonal and physical changes across the life cycle

  • Curio improves women's mental well-being with holistic, contextualized care across all life stages: fertility, childbirth, menopause, and more

  • Our digital-first behavioral health solutions are:

    • supported by health coaches and therapists

    • evidence based & clinical trial-tested

    • making care accessible anytime, anywhere


The Problem

maternal mental health crisis

1 in 5 women have a mental health problem, 2x greater risk in women of color 


Stigma prevents women from seeking help, and women of color face an even greater stigma

lack of awareness

75% of women experiencing mental health conditions do not have access to care

mental health anxiety

In the U.S., more than one-third of women have to wait more than a month for traditional care

Our Solutions

Pebble Beach
Unlock your data to improve women's health

Curio-I: Predictive Algorithm for Mental Health Disorders

Early identification & triage of common mental health disorders that effect women.


Turning your data into actionable insights.

See what your members will see

BellaLift: Digital Therapeutic & Well-Being Platform

On-demand therapy lessons, health trackers, & live health coaches.

Providing care to your members anywhere anytime.

dash and phone curio platform

Evidence-based, clinically validated interventions

Timely and personalized guided journey

Omni-useful connectivity across the healthcare ecosystem

AdobeStock_539636862 (5).jpeg

Why Curio?

  • Cutting edge digital self-guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs integrated with live health coaches, delivering on-demand care for women

  • Only company in women's health with Software as Medical Device classification (SaMD) with FDA Class I (exempt) 

  • End to end platform with AI-Driven predictive algorithm used for identification and risk-stratification​

  • Building the largest body of evidence with 7 studies including randomized controlled trials

Quality Metrics You Can Trust

  • ​Early Identification of High Risk Members

  • Escalation to Appropriate Level of Care Where Necessary

  • Comprehensive & Customizable Reporting:

    • Quality & Member Experience

    • National Committee for Quality Assurance Standards and Reports

    • State and Federal Regulatory

    • Operational & Clinical Care Metrics

  • Physician Visit Follow Up Tracking

  • Mental Health & Social Determinants of Health Screening Metrics with Referrals: 

    • Intimate Partner Violence

    • Opioid Use Disorder/Substance Use Disorder

    • Major Depressive Disorder

    • Food Insecurity

    • & More

Research and data-driven solutions for women

Backed by science, our programs are created by clinical experts and validated through clinical trials.

Learn more about our published studies and the science that goes into developing our products.


Our Impact

"[What I liked most about the app was] the fact that the app is the intermediary between me and a doctor, so I kinda deal with any symptoms before an actual doctors shows up if there’s any."

Lily, 32 Years

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